Don Libes' cgi.tcl run in a Slave Interpreter with TclHttpd

For anyone who is interested in using Don Libes' cgi.tcl with TclHttpd but doesn't want to start another Tcl interpreter per request, try my cgitclhttpd.kit starkit. It is not complete as all the examples don't work but it maybe helpful to others. The starkit can be downloaded from [L1 ]

Look in the custom directory. Files I have added are cgitclSetup.tcl, ModHttp_ReturnData.tcl, ModHttpdRespondHeader.tcl I have also added Don Libes' cgi.tcl version 1.8 with 2 lines commented out

 #       catch {cgi_puts "Input: <pre>$_cgi(input)</pre>"}
 #       catch {cgi_puts "Cookie: <pre>$env(HTTP_COOKIE)</pre>"}

Launch the cgitclhttpd.kit and point your browser to


Also there is a directory in the "custom" directory "cgi.tcl-1.8" which has the examples.