Donald Noyes -- At work on a local Desktop Wiki program called NysInformation. It is to be a WikiWithMoreThanPages and also a WikiWithMoreThanUsers. It is designed to work on a local machine, but can use a simple browser to link to spaces outside of the CurrentSpace.


   NysWiki has evolved and now includes a new executable called NysInfo  
  1. NysInfo deals with concepts organized in InfoSpaces.
  2. NysInfo is one of several programs which will be productionized by a small new venture called NysSystems.
  3. NysSystems has adopted as one of its Operational slogans: "It Works".
  4. The Emphasis and direction being utilized is SuccessOrientation.
  5. In it Processes and Approaches are reduced to simplifed, easily understandable and re-usable modules described as NysModules.
  6. It deals with ideas, issues and concepts which may seem to be vague, and potentially sophisticated.
  7. They are ClarifiedSimplifiedAndSpecified. This can best be described as ApproachComplexityWithSimplicity.


  1. When NysInfo has passed the ProofOfConceptTest, it will be productionized on the OriginalPlatform of MicrosoftWindowsXP.
  2. Later it will be made functional through the use of other platforms and languages, including older WindowsOpSystems and other systems which will include TCL/TK. This is intended to broaden its usage and to extend its usefulness.
  3. The internal ProofOfConceptAlphaVersion is NearCompletion and is to begin multi-site ProofOfConcept testing

during the 2ndQuarter2006. After DeclaringSuccess, it will scaled to involve up to a dozen users and several InfoSpaces. It will then be possible to create, modify and exchange InfoSpaces with other users.


  1. Three different approaches have now been developed and the present scheme includes integration of them all into one package using the original name of NysInfo
  2. Although no downloads exist yet, when available, information on downloading trial packages will be posted at