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What: Dotfile Generator

 Old links (found dead 2008-07-18):
 Description: The Dotfile Generator is a configuration tool. Configuration
        modules exist for procmail, ipfwadm, bash, fvwm1, fvwm2, emacs,
        tcsh, rtin, and elm.  
        A Tcl 8.x application which translations user input
        via checkboxes, entries, menus, etc. into some sort of
        output code. The transformation is coded in modules where the
        user describes the element to be shown along with some help.
        The module then generates the configuration language needed.
        Other modules can be coded - the NCSA HTTP server is said
        to be in progress.
 Updated: 02/2000
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Dotfile Generator Admin) with the subject of 'subscribe'.
        mailto:[email protected]

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