ECMAScript, is a scripting language whose best-known implementation is JavaScript.

The JavaScript ecosystem is the worst in terms of code quality per unit code I have ever seen.
rkeene, Tcl Chatroom, 2018-05-30

See Also

Tcl bindings for the Duktape JavaScript interpreter library and an online Tcl/JS REPL shell
Javascript code that relies heavily on XMLPostRequest component and its callbacks.
a compiler that targets ECMAScript. It has been used to succesfully compile both Tcl, Jim, and Picol.
a scripting language that shares some traits of ECMAScript, including objects that can obtain new methods and member variables
Tcl in Javascript
ncgi and html
tcllib modules for generating HTML and ECMAScript code.
tcljs (NJS)
Tcl wrapper for the NJS JavaScript interpreter library
tcljs (SpiderMonkey)
Tcl bindings for SpiderMonkey


Introduction to JavaScript , ETech, 2006
The Latest JavaScript (alternate ), Cameron Laird, 2009
Javascript best practices , W3C
The Elements of Javascript Style , Douglas Crockford, 2005
JavaScript: The Good Parts , Douglas Crockford


JSI Javascript Interpreter, by Peter Macdonald
An embeddable Javascript interpreter modeled after Tcl.


a lightweight JavaScript library that is mostly API-compatible with jqeury


ECMAScript is a scripting language with a built-in prototype-based object system.

JavaScript and Tcl have a special relation: both at Sun and Netscape (Mosaic, originally), the two were in strategic competition. Roger Binns [[email protected]] originally embedded a Tcl interpreter in the Mosaic browser; "[d]etails are in the proceedings of the 2nd WWW [C]onference". He writes about this that, "The audience were in awe of a demo that printed an entire book based on following the rel links in web page headers, got everything in the right order, loaded the pages and printed".

Is Perl *that* good? (was: How's ruby compare to it older bro , python mailing list 2004-04.

Netscape chose JavaScript, though.

Learning ECMAScript

Jenglish, Tcl Chatroom, 2013-10-15, recommends reading through the annotated source code of UNDERSCORE.JS to see how they do things

Evaluating ECMAScript from Tcl

NEM: If you want to evaluate JavaScript code from Tcl, then there are a couple of options. Firstly, hv3, the web-browser built on top of TkHTML comes with a binding to the SEE ECMAScript Interpreter library. Secondly, I also have a very quick/simple binding to the NJS interpreter library available from [L1 ].

jdc: Another option is tcljs . It can be used to embed spidermonkey in a Tcl application.

It can be used in combination with tcljspac to process proxy.pac files.

Yet another option for bindings to SpiderMonkey

Testing ECMAScript


Anyone who has read this far will probably want to know about Zombie , created for automatic testing of ECMAScript-coded applications (more than that, really; it also knows about CSS, ...). It's of broader interest, though, mostly in directions where Tclers swarm: automation, Web scraping, DOM analysis, ... Zombie is open source, of course, and a nice model for at least a few techniques that are useful in Tcl-oriented testing code.