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dbohdan 2015-08-01: I found this page difficult to parse, so I restructured it creating sections that I thought would be the best for organizing the information here. I ordered the news items and the discussions topics chronologically newest to oldest. JJM, I hope you don't mind the changes.

000 - 2014-03-12 04:02:24

Anybody knows how this fly with Modern WindowsRuntime ? If it does well, it can open a way to simply and easily make Tcl-enabled Windows (Phone) Store Apps!

Lectus - 2011-05-08 08:46:11

This project is an awesome idea and should help people integrate Tcl in their .NET projects and should bring more visibility/popularity to Tcl.

mh2 It seems to me that ToCharArray method of the class String returns "tcl list of characters", not .NET object;

  eagle {set s1 [object create -alias String "qqq www eee"]}
  eagle {$s1 ToCharArray}
  #% q q q { } w w w { } e e e

as a result, I can not call BlockCopy method:

  catch { eagle {
    set b1 [object create -alias {Byte[]} 1000]
    object invoke System.Buffer BlockCopy [$s1 ToCharArray] 0 $b1 0 [$b1 Length]}
  } err; set err
  #% could not convert method #3 "System.Buffer.BlockCopy" argument #0 "src" with value 
  "q q q { } w w w { } e e e" to type "System.Array": System.NullReference

Is it possible to cope somehow with that problem??? (may be, by using some special options?)

JJM Sure. In the call to $s1 ToCharArray, simply use the -create option, like this:

  [$s1 -create ToCharArray]

mh2 Thanks. Is there somewhere a description of an "object" command and options such as "-create" ?

DEC I'm sure this would get more traction if some documentation were produced. Coming from a Tcl C perspective I have no idea how to drive this, some more detailed examples would be good.

JJM The Eagle Integration Tutorial is now available. Looking forward to feedback on it.

RS 2008-10-06: As Eagle is a Tcl reimplementation (somehow comparable to Jacl or tcl.js?), do you test it with the Tcl test suite?

2008/10/06 JJM - Currently, it supports old-style tests and quite a few tests can run unmodified in Eagle; a more extensive test suite is a work in progress..

escargo 18 Sep 2008 - The SourceForge web site that is linked to by the official web site seems to date from the year 2000. -- JJM wrong link removed.

MHo 2022-03-17: Unfortunally, the download page https://eagle.to/download.html does not contain any downloads besides conference papers. Further Links lead to the forum page. I registered there, but the login did not get rights to do anything at the fossil site.

JJM 2022-03-18: Please try https://eagle.to/download_full.html which is linked from the main download page.