EclipseDLTK is an Eclipse plugin for dynamic languages (DLTK stands for Dynamic Languages Toolkit). Currently Tcl, Ruby and Python are supported.

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see also: Eclipse Europa TCL Editor (DLTK project)

Tcl features in DLTK include:

  • Syntax coloring
  • Code folding
  • Auto completion/content assist
  • Integration with TclDevKit syntax checker
  • Navigation views / Script explorer
  • Package wizard
  • Smart pasting

EclipseDLTK can be installed by defining a new remote update site in your Eclipse Software updates manager.

dcd The above appears to be moribund as of 3/28/08. The following looks more reliable and has all the build categories.

DKF: I've only looked very briefly so far (at Milestone#4), but it looks nice. Copes acceptably with my tip-rendering source code, which isn't the nicest thing in the universe (e.g., it includes custom control structures...) but the jump-to-command-implementation feature isn't all there yet. (Now, if they could also integrate with the C/C++ editor stuff so that one could edit all parts of a complex multi-language package, including the cross-references between them, that would be very impressive indeed. The potential to do this is there I sense...)

RLH: I would suggest you ask them if they are thinking of that. Sometimes nudges help. : )

DKF: Reported the bug I found.

UKo: This seems not to work with Eclipse 3.1 though this fact is not noted on the project website as a requirement.

RLH: If you look under the requirements page [L1 ]; it does indeed say 3.2 or later.

APN Has anyone actually been using this? I'm trying out Eclipse with DLTK 0.9 and can't seem to get even basic features (outlining and folding to work). Syntax coloring works fine, but not much else. The outlining window remains blank, the folding keystrokes have no effect etc.

XO 2007/12/23 My latest trial on Eclipse with DLTK 0.9 looked as following ... (As I was trying to follow the steps described in the 03:10 minute long video tour presented here at... [L2 ], however later found out that in order to be able to debug the code it requires dbgp_tcldebug.exe, a functional component of Komodo.)

RLH Right, and that is NOT a free component. You must own a copy of Komodo IDE to use it.