EDGE (Engineering DOUG Graphics for Exploration) is the publicly available version of NASA's Dynamic Onboard Ubiquitous Graphics (DOUG) software which is used onboard the International Space Station and extensively in training and analysis simulations at Johnson Space Center (JSC).

The EDGE package is a collection of utilities, documentation, development tools, and visualization tools wrapped around a DOUG renderer. DOUG is basically the kernel of the package of which various plugins, models, scripts, simulation interface code, gui add-ons, overlays, and development interfaces are added to create a visualization package. This visualization can be used with offline data sets, live simulation data, or as standalone interactive visuals.

EDGE has an extensive tcl/tk scripting ability. This allows the user to create scripts, menus, dialogs, etc. In combination with the canvas plugin, it also gives the user the capability to draw overlays. These overlays can be placed on the viewport, or can actually be rendered in the scene.

Video demo: [L1 ]