Embedding Images in the Wiki

The info below discusses JCW original wiki. Current Wub based wiki has in-db images. Check Formatting rules for more info.

There are two issues: getting the image to show up in the HTML, and fetching the image and store it locally for when the wiki is used in local Tk mode. That last one is slightly trickier, because of the need to re-check and update somehow, and to clean up images which are no longer being used. Nothing earth-shattering, but that sort of explains why it's not there yet... -jcw

As for inline images: they work now...


The second issue has been resolved and is described at Adding images to local mode wikis

Another idea would be an HTML-upload button. The uploader would get a result which is to be inserted into the text, like [http://mini.net/tcl/images/12345 ]

Thanks JC! Of course, now we need a little control over it so we can wrap text properly around images (and conversely be able to stop wraps). - DL

To avoid wrapping, save as: text - empty_line - bracketed_image_url - empty_line - text -jcw

It would also be nice to have an option to turn off inlining. For example, I may actually want to create a link to an image versus inlining it. How hard would it be to overload [] somehow; for example, maybe to inline an image we do [<http://...foo.gif>] , so that [.http://...foo.gif ] does what it does now (I had to add a dot before the http, or wiki would have changed it to a ref even though I doubled up on the ['s)

Sheesh, we're not picky :-)

--Bryan Oakley

Sheesh, you said it... :o)

That's why I avoided image inlining of URL's mentioned without brackets: http://www.equi4.com/images/wikit.gif ... isn't that good enough? -jcw No, it isn't, because sometimes one would to have a true link, which is displayed as [5] etc., because URLs are sometimes confusing and cluttering the text... MH.

'Nother comment: lest you think I'm making this convention up as we go... not so, this was in one of the other wiki designs I looked at (long ago, don't ask mw which one, please).

EB: To have an image link inside brackets, use an url with a letter of the extension escaped, like %67if for gif: [L1 ].

LV 2008 March 03

With the new wiki software running now for nearly a year, I was wondering whether this inlining mechanism still works the same. Also, if someone has an image that would be appropriate, is it preferred to use an alternate host for the image (which might very well be blocked or have limited bandwidth) or to upload the image to this wiki (where access is more guaranteed, but space may be at a premium)?

hae 2008 November 01

Images can be stored here https://wiki.tcl-lang.org/_repo/images/ when you don't have access to some web storage yourself.

PierreCoueffin 2013 July 03

Does anyone know where I might find docs explaining how to make Wikit do this? The _repo url does not work on my installation of wikit, and I can't seem to figure out how to make it work.

jdc 2013 July 04

The info above is about the original Wiki by jcw. The current wiki stores images in the wiki database. Info how to add images can be found here: https://wiki.tcl-lang.org/14#pagetoce36a1631