A bon mot to refer to the Tcl(n) manual page [L1 ], with its twelve (eleven at that time) rules that form the whole of Tcl's syntax. It's a pun on the Dekalogue (Ten Words), the Greek term for the Ten Commandments; the Greek for Twelve Words is Dodekalogue.

Latin still needs some work, but I've started a page on http://la.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tcl - who knows better & more, please improve it! RS 2004-12-27


LV Are these pages just straight translations of the Tcl(n) man page? Basically yes, at times with added comments. The community is asked to add more languages!

AMG: Prior to Tcl 8.5, the Tcl man page had eleven rules, hence the name Endekalogue. The {*} expansion rule has since been added.