Esperantilo means "Tool for Esperanto" in Esperanto language.

    Who: [Artur Trzewik]

The main language of this project is Esperanto but now the main project page and UI was translated to English (There are also Polish and German versions available).

Esperantilo is an UTF-8 Editor with linguistics functions for the language Esperanto and is also a system for computer aided translation. It contains spellchecker and grammar checker for the Esperanto language. It can translate Esperanto text in different formats into Polish, German and English languages. It also supports computer aided translation by so called interactive machine translation. Translation memory can be used also for any language pairs. It is an XLIFF-editor. It supports XLIFF and TMX (Level 1) formats.

It supports different modes of machine translation:

  • Direct translation in editor window
  • Direct translation of text buffer.
  • Translation project with editing in segments editor (also by using translation memory)
  • Full automatic translation of files

Supported formats:

  • UTF8 Text
  • Html
  • OpenOffice
  • XML (example DocBook)
  • WordML (WordprocessingML, MS Office XML format)
  • MS Word (for Windows with installed MS Office 2003 or newer Only)

Esperantilo offers access to some linguistic tools: tokenizer, tagger, syntax analysis. It has a command line mode. It can visualise syntax trees of Esperanto sentences or export them to XML. Machine translation uses so called direct translation at syntax level (dictionary-based translation with some grammar transformations).

Technique: Esperantilo was programmed by using XOTcl and XOTclIDE. It uses Metakit for Translation Memory and multilingual dictionaries and Tclkit for deploying. TDom is used for manipulating XML data.