Essay on Tcl/Tk

wdb: All the years, me, I was the power user and amateur programmer who was afraid of nothing: neither Basic, nor Perl [L1 ], nor even Snobol. I tried them all – with the one exception of Tcl. Don't ask me why.

Then I made up a project of the XHTML editor MTE [L2 ] where Tk was a must. For I was not willed to learn C just because of widgets (nor am I willed today).

So looking out, I found that beside of Tcl, Perl and Python made use of Tk, moreover the Scheme implementation STk [L3 ]. But the only reasonable beginner's documentation for Tk I found was in conjunction with Tcl, so I decided to learn Tcl. All I was interested in were results.

Over the time, I found out that a concept without “lexical scope, infinite extend” can be quite mighty, or even less dangerous of overwriting vital values. Today, I really like Tcl; and some string constructions are so crazy that it really corresponds constructively with my mind (sometimes). Because, I'm crazy, too.

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