EuroTCL 2023 - Wishlist

This is an invitation to EuroTCL 2023 in Vienna

After the success in 2022, the Tcl/Tk Conference together with the European OpenACS Conference in vienna is announced from July 20th to July 21st, 2023. This event will combine the 7th OpenACS conference and the 19th European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting (EuroTcl).

Open ACS &Tcl/Tk Users Meeting

In order to give more focus to Tcl/Tk users, we try to collect topics of every day use of Tcl/Tk to show the power of Tcl/Tk in 5-minute talks.

So feel free to add topics you are interested in or want to see at the conference in vienna.

example of how to use mupdf[L1 ]
replace excel macro by cawt und prepare json-content with tdom to feed a website(Manfred@rattlecad)
ucas plot utility
oxml to create real MS Excel Files
tcl csv
an overview of all the extensions that can be used via the bawt extension
hot to get the Tcl/tk environment on my computer?
where do I get extensions of Tcl/Tk? the standard way and the hacky way?
how to pack a Tcl/Tk application including runtime and provide an installer for Windows, MacOS or Linux?
how does your development-Environment (IDE/CL) looks like?
the smallest extensible GUI/IDE([email protected])
deploy a public website based on tcl
deploy a local webpage instead of a Tk-GUI based on tcl
how to use Tcl in R Markdown/ knitr/ RStudio
how to use Tcl in Jupyter Notebook/ JupterLab
how to implement a distributed application using Tcl and REST (client/ server)

If you want to prepare one of this topics for the conference, please add a comment in round parenthesis.