My name is Ewa Modrzejewska and I am a graduate student at GdaƄsk University of Technology, getting my MSc degree in informatics. I am making a specialization in Intelligent Interactive Systems. During 4 semesters I was involved in Sound and Vision Engineering which is an interdisciplinary specialization.

I am interested in image processing, computer vision and designing user interfaces. I was always involved in many all after school facultative occupations. These include playing in the basketball university team, working with my Computer Graphics Interest Group named Vertex and other projects in my faculty. I was also students campus council and do other student activities. During working in group, I am choosed to organize the work and fix specifications during talks with involved people.

My favorite language of programming is the C language which I prefer to compile under Linux with GCC. I spend now most of my time under Ubuntu platform writing my master thesis in Latex, but I code also under Windows XP, where I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, and QtCreator (which I have installed under both systems because I was working on caple of applications in Qt during this academic year). I have also setup my Tcl toolchain so I am ready to code for You. In the course of my studies I also had contact with Matlab, NetBeans, Flex/Bison, Prolog, IBM Rational (UML modelling), and many more. I am capable of expressing my ideas in C code. I have also gone through some Tcl/Tk examples and find it nice and easy.

Contact Info aweelka[at]gmail.com or jabber/xmpp: aweelka[at]maxnet.org.pl