Expect Tutorials


A guide to Expect tutorials


autoexpect can help to automatically create an expect script

Book Exploring Expect
The canonical book about Expect
Expect Tutorial
by Diep Ly (David Lee?). alternate alternate
Network Administration and Security (SY2S21)
some simple Expect examples
Raycosoft Expect Tutorial
a 10-minute tutorial
Tutorial de expect , by Manuel de Vega Barreiro
A 20-minute tutorial in Spanish
A Tcl/Tk and Expect Tutorial
by Will Morse, Landmark Graphics Corporation, 1994. It is alleged that Will won some kind of award for this. alternate
the Expect home page
Don Libes papers, written in the early days of Expect, are also interesting and educational.
Expect Scripting
gnulamp.com, a 10-minute tutorial. alternate
Simple Expect ssh example
by DeBaan
Phaseit's expertise with Expect
several articles by CL about Expect
Expect and Tcl mini reference
by Ola Lundqvist