Expect on Androwish

JM 1/16/2020

I wanted to try Expect on Androwish since it is part of the included packages. But, when trying a simple example, I got an error message for "permission denied"

Trying ssh manually

When using the sshDroid app, I can successfully:

  • ssh from my Windows laptop into the Tablet.
  • once logged in, I can then ssh from the tablet to a Linux PC (typing ssh... from the tablet's linux command line)

Looking for alternatives

Poor Man's Expect works just fine in Androwish, the only issue I faced is that the Tcl console disappears when the script is executed, but the workaround is simply to dump the captured console interactions to a text widget, like this:

 text .txt
 pack .txt
 .txt insert end $r

the used port is 23 (telnet), but I guess port 22 (ssh) should also work.