Who am I ? Florent Merlet, a french man who had work for IBM and Ch Dior, as developper on a big application :

  • more than hundred thousands lines of code in C
  • dozens of DB2 tables
  • OS unix, dialect AIX, shell ksh

When I discovered Tcl, I had a "coup de foudre" ... Wow, a graphic shell ? Wonderfull. That's exactly what I need !

Some Thought

This is a brain

Chomsky said that a language with one only substitution rule of grammar is a turing machine. So are the plasmas filaments properties, fusion or bifurcation, so are our thoughts (and so is Tcl, the only language sweet to my mind)

Some technical interests

language : my dream is to be able to quickly make a lots of little languages with Tcl (in C, for speed, of course).

Some hobbies

Musical composition, science, philosophy, etymology.

Some pages written on the wiki *