Frequently-Made Mistakes in Tcl, by Cameron.

Lars H, 2006-05-01: On that page (some of which is now getting a bit antiquated), he says that he (in 2001) was moving the material to this Wiki, but to which pages?

CL answers: individual pages (see the latest version of the FMM). CL thinks we can remove this section, but leaves it to Lars to do so.

Lars H: Hmm... I count a total of 6 links to the Wiki on that page, and they're all of the form "for more on this, see ...". So it seems I misunderstood the intent: it's not a matter of wikifying FMM, but to use the wiki as a repository for related notes. This arrangement strikes me as somewhat odd, but that's just my 2c.

On a late and rainy Sunday evening MAKR tried to categorize this page ...