FMW - Flint Weller

An electrical engineer who prefers to use as few different languages as possible so that he can remember how to use them.

At present, these languages are:

Software: TCL, ANSI C, Assember.
Hardware: VHDL, Verilog, SPICE

Flint prefers TCL to National Instruments LabView (of which he has a significant amount of experience) because he considers TCL to be more maintainable, more powerful, easier to comment in, and easier to understand code from another author. Flint uses TCL to automate test equipment or logic simulations. He considers himself an intermediate user of TCL and considers the language to be so overly flexible and powerful that he creates countless issues for himself when coding.

Examples of Flint's TCL experience:

  1. Communicate with Watlow temperature controllers using RS232 and the binary Modbus protocol.
  2. Communicate with Frequency counters using RS232 and text based protocols.
  3. Automate Mentor Graphics ModelSim VHDL or Verilog simulations