Falun Gong

Falun Gong is some funky new-age religion in mainland China.

Here are some links to it:





What has this got to do with tcl? you ask?

Well absolutely nothing. However, it has a lot to do with getting the PRC government to block the incessant stream of wiki defacements and spam that comes from Chinese mainland IP addresses.

See, if a person in the PRC accesses a web page to deface a wiki, I don't think anybody there cares. But if a person in the PRC accesses a web page and reads about Falun Gong, that's a Bad Thing (tm) and has to be prevented.

By putting something about Falun Gong here, it might be possible to get the defacer into trouble ... here's hoping.

So ... have fun, anonymous wiki-defacing scumbot owner.

NEM: Seems a bit vindictive. If it's a trade-off between removing irritating spam and getting someone in trouble with a government not known for its human rights record... Also, this might just have the effect of getting the wiki blocked in China, which would be a shame.

EKB: I agree. It seems like this could hurt people in China with an interest in Tcl.