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(in reference, I believe, to Mel's Internet toolkit...) HTML forms are ugly by design. so to make life easy for all you TCLers:

        tk::form -name LOGIN -callback Docmgr::Login::callback -guts {
            export page=$::page

            text first_name= size=20
            submit_button action=DOIT

and your login callback will look like this:

         Docmgr::Login::callback {} {
              h1 $::first_name

RS: Note that even though the first example uses the ::tk namespace, it is not part of Tk. To avoid confusion, different things should have different names.

I think the above is for mel's internet toolkit, is it not? That's a third party, not-for-commercial-use apache plug-in or addon or library or something.

LV I agree with Richard. When Tcl or one of the extensions first make use of an extension, please don't create your own extensions which add to that namespace without getting agreement from the creators first. Otherwise, you may create a situation where there are different commands being defined in the same namespace, which can cause problems for people writing against the extensions.

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