Fox Board Tcl


Anyone make a Fox board Linux [L1 ] implementation/port of Tcl, of any version?

Or: how to instruct the configure script to do a cross compile with gcc-cris (then I can give it a go easily, I have the whole devkit compile quickly and working) ? Yes I did it.

email: [email protected]

TV ´(sept 13 06)´ I found this page back recentlly, sent Giovanni a mail, and received these files from him

 FoxTclSmall.tar [] , [] ,
 lcd.tcl [] , [].

I stripped the libs, used manual tar (on the fedora core 4/64 devstation I used also to built the whole fox-linux with from source), to get the /var/tcl bin and lib directories with stripped libs, which I put in the ramdisk. I put tclsh8.4 in /tmp (also ramdisk), and I could run tcl!

To use tcl as a cgi script for the fox internal web server, I put this script in /usr/html/local/cgi-bin/t.cgi :

 # \
 exec /tmp/tclsh8.4 "$0" "$@"

   puts stdout "Content-type: text/html\n"
   puts stdout "<HTML>"
 #   puts stdout "[expr $env(QUERY_STRING)]"
   set slave [interp create -safe]
   puts $env(QUERY_STRING)
   puts "<br>"
   puts [$slave eval "expr $env(QUERY_STRING)"]
   puts stdout "</HTML>"

(Note the first line must NOT have a space as first character)

entering a url with a expr syntax formula after the ? after following the guidelines from acmesystems [L2 ] gives within a second or so:



great, I think.

tv For the moment, I installed a 64Meg usb memory stick on the board, which has its own fstab entry, so is available after boot at /mnt/1, and I copied the lib and bin from the above tar file to /mnt/1 . then I

   ln -s /mnt/1 /var/tcl

and change the tcl calling commandin the web script above to

   exec /var/tcl/bin/tclsh8.4 "$0" "$@"

and the webserver runs the tcl script fine, and within a second.