FreeHand Formula Entry System

The Freehand Formula Entry System was first created by Steve Smithies in 1999 as a pen-based equation editor, implemented in C++ and Tcl/Tk. At the time Steve was a Master's student at the University of Otago (NZ) under the supervision of Kevin Novins.

Since that time, a number of others have contributed to and changed FFES. In the new release (0.4, August 2007) a new operation has been added to import symbols from images, a new version of the parser (symbol layout analyzer) added, and the interface cleaned up.

Recognition results may be copied and pasted from FFES to other applications. Current outputs include symbol recognition results, layout results, LaTeX, and operator trees. Recognition results are visualized using symbols drawn behind the user's input, as an image, and through the "Align" operation, which morphs symbols to visualize the recognized symbol layout.

FFES is being distributed under the GNU Public License (Version 2). The newest version of FFES runs under Linux and MacOS (Darwin). Older versions (including a Windows/Cygwin version) are also available.

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