Freedom Environment subsystems - xpg, feAppMenus, feNautilusScripts

uniquename (2011jul21):

I am a Linux-at-home user since 2009 on my main PCs --- retired in 2005 after about 30 years as a programmer/analyst and engineering software specialist on IBM mainframes and then SGI/IRIX (Unix) workstations (about 10 years on the latter --- about 7 years of that using Tcl/Tk).

I have developed a set of utilities that make Linux MUCH more useful to me than some other operating systems.

Three subsystems are currently (2011-plus) available --- 'xpg', 'feAppMenus', and 'feNautilusScripts'.

'xpg' and 'feAppMenus' use Tcl-Tk and some of its magic.

These subsystems are available as downloads from

Brief descriptions:


'xpg' - a text file browser, with a useful Show-All-Matches (SAM) feature

'xpg' is a GUI text browser which has a unique 'Show-All-Match-Lines' capability that should blow the users away with their search-efficiency gains --- especially on huge text files such as log files, large config files, large source code files, long lists, etc. etc. etc.

'xpg', among other things, essentially puts a GUI interface on the 'grep' command (enhanced).


'feAppmenus' allows the user to arrange applications into categories of their own choosing and into menu item ordering of their own choosing --- with complete and total access to the configuration files and scripts that are running the menu system.

Click a 'drawer' in a set of 'pop-away' 'toolchests' to startup an app.


'feNautilusScripts' facilitates the user's ability to 'drill-down' into a Linux/Unix machine, with mouse clicks, to see what's there and what's happening (files, helps, executables, processes, etc.) --- to depths and breadths never-before-plumbed so easily.

In addition, with 'feNautilusScripts' users can easily do several kinds of batch file conversions, several kinds of batch file renaming, several kinds of media file editing ... and creation ... and listening/viewing --- with a small set of mouse clicks.

[In the future, I plan to convert a Tcl-Tk file selector utility to do the powerful 'right-click-and-run-selected-script-on-selected-files' capability that the Gnome Nautilus file manager provides. This will make the FE Nautilus Scripts readily available to users of non-Gnome 'desktops'.]

The web site includes a page of movie files that show how to install the 3 subsystems. And some of the movies give an introductory demo of the 'xpg', 'feAppMenus', and 'feNautilusScripts' subsystems.

arjen - 2012-04-04 11:42:04

I suppose several of these scripts/applications would work under Windows as well, if you have MinGW or Cygwin installed.