GSoC Admin: Idea Page Template

The wiki markup of this page after the next horizontal ruler is the template a GSoC idea page should follow.

To use add a link to a new page to the table of projects/ideas on the main idea page, then start the page editor, copy the markup from this page over and replace the placeholders with the real thing.

For a real-life example see GSoC Idea: Debugging tools for NRE, although anything on the main project idea page should work. Pages not following this template are likely ideas from previous years which have not been updated yet, and should be, ASAP.

Title of the Project/Idea

Areas The project areas
Good if student knows Desired knowledge
Priority (Low, Medium, High)
Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard)
Benefits to the student List benefits
Benefits to Tcl List benefits
Mentor Mentor's name/link

Project Description

This is a project description.


Some URLs here

Comments & Discussion

Some comments here, and discussion of the idea