GSoC Admin: Student Application Template

The markup of this page after the next horizontal ruler is the template a Student Application should follow.

Note that this is a template on how to fill out the student application proposal in Google's SoC Registration page, and not for a page on the wiki itself.

This template should be automatically shown by Google's SoC Registration page when applying to the Tcl/Tk Community.

When project is accepted and has started, then a Wiki page following this same structure should be filled out, as documentation. For an example see GSOC2010:SCORM Compliant Run-Time Environment for OpenACS.


If you have not already done so, start by getting in contact with the mentor(s) familiar with your proposed project. They will help you polish your proposal and introduce you to the developer team you'd be working with over the Summer.

    Summary: A few paragraphs describing your proposed project. Provide URLs to more information as needed.
    Schedule: Work with your proposed mentor(s) to develop goals for each program milestone.
    About Me: Tell us a bit about you and why you're well suited for this Summer of Code project.
    Contact Info: Your email, cell number, XMPP ID, IRC nick, etc. Provide at least two methods to contact you.



Start of program:

Midterm evaluation:

Final evaluation:

About Me

Contact Info