GSoC Idea: Comparative Analysis of GUI Toolkits

RETRACTED This is too much of a pure documentation project, without coding.

Comparative Analysis of GUI Toolkits

Areas Tk, Qt, Gnome, ...
Good if student knows
Priority High
Difficulty Easy-Medium
Benefits to the student Self-directed research
Benefits to Tcl

Project Description

This project comes out of Mark Roseman's post to tcl-core, in the thread discussing ideas for GSoC. It is less about coding and more doing research, with a report at the end. The reference section contains a link to Mark's mail in the entirety.

The project covers the first two points of his suggested path forward, and part of the third, namely the research in the Tcl/Tk community regarding our Widgets sets and widgets, without actually doing the coding necessary. (IMHO the research alone can cover the whole summer). To be clear, the project is to

  • Research and enumerate widgets and major features in the main GUI toolkits
  • Use the above to identify holes in Tk
  • Research and enumerate Tcl extensions providing widgets and widget sets and where they can be used to fill the identified holes.
  • Finding out where/if Tk plus extensions have widgets the other toolkits don't would be a plus.


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