GSoC Idea: Continue BLT Library Refactoring

Continue BLT Library Refactoring

Areas The project areas
Good if student knows C
Priority (Low, Medium, High)
Difficulty Medium?
Benefits to the student Learning the Insides of tk, Widget writing, X Event handling
Benefits to Tcl Modernization of our best Chart Display widgets
Mentor Mentor's name/link

Project Description

Last year, a student project partially refactored the BLT library, making it compatible with modern Tcl releases. Much work remains, as described here :

 RBC is: 
 - BLT's [vector], [graph], [barchart], [stripchart], [winop], and [eps] components 
 - TEA compliant 
 - 3800+ automated test suite, plus many more manual tests 
 - Works (for me) on win32, linux 32 bit and linux 64 bit, Tcl/Tk 8.4, 8.5, and 8.6beta. 

 RBC is not (yet): 
 - documented 
 - experienced 
 - beautiful (see pkgIndex.tcl for an example) 
 - free from Tcl/Tk internals 
 - including Zoom-Stack (this is partly implemented now) or [spline] (what other major BLT functionality is missing?)
 - tested with starkits 
 - ported to MacOS X Aqua environment (most important for full cross-platform usage)


Comments & Discussion

Some comments here, and discussion of the idea