GSoC Idea: Tcl Plugin for Netbeans

Areas Debugging Plugins
Good if student knows Netbeans
Priority ???
Difficulty Medium/Hard (C?/Java skills required)
Benefits to the student Learn internals of Netbeans and Tcl
Benefits to Tcl Make Tcl running as a plugin for debugging available in netbeans
Mentor Arnulf Wiedemann? + ???

Project Description

Tcl is available as a plugin for Eclipse, it would be helpfull to also have the same functions within netbeans.

The student would research how to write a plugin for netbeans and how to use available features like execution trace to drive debugging for Tcl within netbeans.

Arnulf Wiedemann: I don't know much about building a plugin for netbeans, but I am willing to guide/help as much as possible, because I am very much interested in the result. I have a rough understanding on how execution traces work in Tcl, but there are also some other people who know more then me in that area, which - I am sure - will also help if necessary.



RLH - This would be awesome really. I am having to use eclipse with a Python project and blech.