GSoC Idea: Tk Backend for the Wayland Display Protocol

Wayland Backend for Tk

Areas Tk
Good if student knows C, X11
Priority Low
Difficulty Hard
Benefits to the student Learning to read a large code base, and tease it apart
Benefits to Tcl ???
Mentor Mentor's name/link

Project Description

Initial Ideas

   I. Create a proof-of-concept for Tk running directly on the Wayland display protocol


  • See TkGS for an older attempt at reworking the underpinnings of Tk.
  • See this source code for how to actually get a working drawing surface with Wayland. Pay particular attention to the snippet including wl_egl_window_create and eglCreateWindowSurface

Comments & Discussion

PYK 2014-09-11: Would Tk perhaps get more mileage out of targeting SDL?

DKF 2014-09-11: Only if SDL has been ported to run on top of Wayland. (Googling indicates that experimental support is in SDL 2.0.2, but I don't know what that implies…)

chw 2017-01-11: The trunk of the fossil repository of now provides Wayland support in undroidwish based on a modified version of SDL 2.0.5, which was tested successfully on the GNOME based Fedora 25 workstation. A self contained experimental undroidwish for x86_64 Linux with the Wayland and X11 drivers can be downloaded from