GSoC Idea: TkPath


Tkpath implements path drawing modelled after SVG. It is very flexible and reproduces all standard drawing canvas items. Features include: opacity, antialiasing, gradient fills, affine transformations, and fill rules. Backends include: CoreGraphics on MacOSX, GDI on Win32, GDI+ on WinXP, Cairo on X11, and Tk drawing as a fallback

TkPath is a powerful, yet not completed, extension to the tk canvas.

It could be an interesting idea to go further in this direction which allow to take advantages of the canvas with the power of TkPath new functions.

More information on status and needs of TkPath here . TkPath is currently abandonware (death of the original maintainer), so the project could include grooming a new maintainer.

andrewsh If anyone's interested, please contact me via chat.

rz - 2016-01-06 07:48:16

As of now tkpath is also included in AndroWish. There is some bug fixing and development (pdf output). IMHO tkpath is a natural replacement for canvas. It should go into the core tk distribution. This project should attempt to do exactly this.

Benefits for the community: Get a more modern canvas widget!