GSoC Idea: Tktable for wtk

Tktable for wtk

Areas GUI programming, Web application
Good if student knows Javascript, Tcl, snit
Priority Variable
Difficulty medium to high
Benefits to the student learn about web programming
Benefits to Tcl additional functionality for RAPL and wtk
Mentor Arnulf Wiedemann apw

Project Description

APWTCL is a Tcl interpreter written in Javascipt to run in a browser or in a Javascript environment. There is work in progress to implement Tk functionality for that. Some simple widgets are already written using wtk. To add more widgets to that it would be interesting to implement tktable for that environment too.


  • Passion for the task being suggested
  • Good knowledge of programming (especially Javascript, Tcl is not so important as a prerequisite)
  • Some knowledge of web functionality like TDOM