GSoC Idea: Updated Tcl bindings for ZeroMQ

Updated Tcl bindings for ZeroMQ

Areas Tcl extension and sample code
Good if student knows C, Tcl
Priority Medium
Difficulty Medium
Benefits to the student Learn Tcl extension coding, messaging concepts
Benefits to Tcl Make ZeroMQ available as a messaging option for Tcl. Promote Tcl as a player in the multi-platform messaging arena.
Mentor (none yet)
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2012-04-04 Withdrawn

jdc now has updated Tcl bindings for ZeroMQ 2.1 & 3.1, see ZeroMQ.

Project Description

ZeroMQ is a light-weight messaging system with bindings for 20+ languages. A Tcl extension was developed for ZeroMQ 1.x, but has not been maintained. ZeroMQ 2.x is the current version of the library, with version 3.x on the horizon.

The goal of this project is two fold. First, update the Tcl bindings for ZeroMQ 2.x. Second, write examples for ZGuide , a tutorial for using ZeroMQ. ZGuide implementations exist for many of the existing languages supported by ZeroMQ.


Comments & Discussion

EB: This is something I had in mind last year, but I hadn't the time to start something. One requirement for the Tcl binding is the encapsulation of the asynchronous API into the event loop. This is a feature which will make this binding superior to other language bindings.