GSoc Idea: Testsuite for RAPL

Testsuite for RAPL

Areas Testing, fixing code, implement some new functionality
Good if student knows Javascript, Tcl
Priority Variable
Difficulty medium
Benefits to the student learn about functionality of Tcl
Benefits to Tcl better quality for APWTCL
Mentor Arnulf Wiedemann apw

Project Description

APWTCL is a Tcl interpreter written in Javascipt to run in a browser or in a Javascript environment. The implementation has a very limited test suite. It would be great, if the relevant parts of the Tcl, Itcl, Jim Tcl testsuite would be made available also for APWTCL. As APWTCL has for example no I/O and no threads etc. these parts are not relevant. The other parts eventually have to be adapted to be usable for APWTCL. For every not successfully working test case the cause for the error has to be determined and fixed in the APWTCL implementation. A bigger part of tcltest package functionality has already been implemented in APWTCL for use by the testsuite and has successfully been used for the existing tests. There are potentially a lot of hundreds of tests to be ported. A smaller subset of these tests has to be made available in this GSoC project.


  • Passion for the task being suggested
  • Good knowledge of programming (especially Javascript, Tcl is not so important as a prerequisite)
  • It is helpful to have a general idea of testing strategies