Gui4Cli is an event-driven programming language for creating GUIs that originated on the Amiga and was ported to Windows around 2001. The language itself somewhat resembles Basic. It allowed one to use native controls on Windows before Tile (Ttk) came about. GUIs built with Gui4Cli use coordinate-based widget placement (like place), which can be adjusted through a visual editor. As the name suggests, can be used to drive a console application from a GUI.

Code sample

G4C DirView

WINDOW 168 13 510 471 "Your Computer"
   WinAttr Style resize

   GuiOpen #this

    guiquit #this

XLISTVIEW 185 0 323 472 "" "#disks" lvar1
   attr ID lv1
   attr frame sunk
   attr Style Grid/Drag/Drop/parent/disk
   Attr resize 0022
   if $lvar1 > ''
      run $lvar1

xOnLVDir lv1 // happens wherever LV changes dir
    gosub #this ChangeDir // change window title
    use tv #this tv1
    tv cd $dirname  // take treeview also to that dir..

XTREEVIEW 0 0 180 472 "#disks" tvdir
    attr ID tv1
    attr frame sunk
    attr resize 0002
    attr style drag/drop
    lvuse #this lv1
    lvchange $tvdir // Take LV to the same dir
    gosub #this ChangeDir // update window title

XSPLITER 180 0 6 680 tv1 lv1

xRoutine ChangeDir
    if $$lv.dir = ""  // empty means "disks" list
        setwintitle #this "Your Computer"
        setwintitle #this $$lv.dir

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