Geoff W. Michel

Geoff Michel

My initials are GWM

Physicist and Engineer. Working in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Visual Simulation.

Based in London UK (yes that London); potter and 3D graphics a specialty.

(BW) 2015-01-20: This e-mail address (geofftclminiweb at is not working as of 2015-01-20. Am I interpreting the wrong address? Is it instead: geofftclminiwebh at ? Thanks for the info.

No. Currently too busy on paying work and retiring.

BW 2015-01-23: Great to see you alive and kicking. I feared the worse and I was already writing your eulogy. Just kidding! But could you nevertheless leave a valid e-mail address in case one will need to send you an e-mail or a check in the future? I understand you are retiring. Well look at it this way: Since you are retiring, you'll have a lot of time to answer your e-mails.

BW It would just be to take out from the code some code you wrote that has never worked very well. Very simple. It would only take a few minutes. The whole program sometimes does not start because of this code. Thanks for leaving a valid e-mail address!

Phil Didn't you have a little spreadsheet here on this wiki once upon a time?

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