GetMeDone is a task manager in the spirit of Getting Things Done. It uses PostgreSQL as a backend and is written in Tcl/Tk. Currently only tested on Linux, it should be easy to extend to run on Mac OS and Windows. It features easy filtering of contexts, priorities, and time, advanced recurrent tasks, linking tasks to projects, deadlines, an ideas list, and the ability to defer tasks to future dates.

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jnc Any chance of it using something like MetaKit as to be much more portable and easier to setup?

unperson This program is an excellent idea and it should be another TCL/TK winner in the same class as the all-star TCL/TK software: Project Forum, Notebook and Brian Theado's Outliner.

I can't wait to try it once it is ported to Windows.

In fact back in 1988 when I started my research in Task management and time management, I did the same thing or something along those lines with Rapid File, the marvelous Dos Database.

Like with my database, using a task manager like GetMeDone makes a lot of sense when one has small independent tasks and not tasks related to a project.

Actually the best would be to be able to able to create smaller databases for tasks related to a project. All that is needed is a field asking the user if this task is a project? Project Y/N. If the user clicks Yes, a smaller blank database appears and he/she can enter the list of tasks related to the project. Or put a little flag with the letter P (Project) establishing that this task is aproject and contains smaller tasks.

Entering helter-skelter independent tasks and tasks at random related to a project is just not intuitive and it is a mistake.

Lotus Agenda used to do it also. The problem is that it gets the user used to thinking in terms of tasks instead of thinking globally in terms of a project which is a mistake. In fact this is what Lotus Agenda (created my Mitch Kapor, the spreadsheet inventor or one of them) was advertising: enter tasks at random as you go along and the program will classify them and make sense of them. Silly!. For one month I tried this method and I became totally sloppy and the program did a real mess creating all kinds of silly catgories. I realized it made more sense if I classified items using my brain. After all, since I had a brain, why not use it?

Anyway, for the record, I did not use the system I had created for three reasons:

- 1) It was not useful for tasks related to a project

- 2) It got me to become sloppy instead of organized

- 3) I did not want to be dependent on a computer for task management. I finally ended up creating an excellent pen and paper system.

Oh a last thing! The user might want to sort the items the way he/she likes it. I suggest you create as a first field a field with numbers. The field would be blank. You'd add a function: Replace contents with numbers? Y/N.

This is a very useful field and I used to put one in each of my databases. It's also useful if somehow you lost the original order and you want to reconstitute it.

Please let me know when the program will be available for Windows. I'll be very glad to try it.

jnc 2009/11/21 - Seems like a dead project? What a shame.

Jimmy JNC, I have the same feeling. I agree 100% with what the user above says. What needed to be done is to add a window for every task and in this window the user could enter notes or a list of tasks.

In fact, instead of entering tasks,we would be entering a project.The original ideas was not bad at all but all that was needed was to be able to open windows for each record. Too bad this project was left unfinished!