Belgian virus writer (female) who has once written a virus in Tcl. But who is now in the spotlight because of a C# virus. Her homepage from where you could download the virus seems to be down but it still shows up in the google cache.

From the site: [L1 ] - November 10, 2003: I wanted to learn a scripting language I could use in Linux, and decided to learn Tcl. So how did I start learning? That's right, I wrote a virus in it. Was quite simple tho, seeing as it's a scripting language. Its name is Darkness, and you can download it here.

Update: Gigabyte arrested this week? [L2 ]


In the original meaning of the word, of course, data size measure: 1 Gigabyte (GB) is 1024 MB, or 1073741824 bytes.

GPS: Feb 17, 2004 - I usually remember A Gigabyte as pow(2,30) bytes. Another term for a Gigabyte is Gibibyte. See: [L3 ]