Global Positioning System

For an overview, see: [L1 ]

Also similar to Satellite Navigation / SatNav, for the benefit of folks who search for that while looking for this page.

 What : gpsfeed+, a GPS simulator
 Where :
 Description : gpsfeed+ is a software GPS simulator, a utility that feeds
               the PC with continuous GPS data as if it were traveling
               in a car or airplane.  NMEA 0183 GPS sentences are sent
               to the application through a socket (TCP/IP) connection or
               a UDP message. It also outputs the same NMEA data to a serial
               port of the PC. Web querying is facilitated by a lightweight
               http server.
 Current version: 0.58
 Updated : 9-Sep-2005

 What: GPSBabel
 Description: converts waypoint data between over two dozen file
        formats, including major Palm, PC, and GPS serial formats.
        Includes a Tcl/Tk GUI.
        Currently at version 1.1.0 .
 Updated: 08/2003
 Contact: See web site

 What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Caldwell)
 Where: (older code)
    Starkit version: (not latest code)
    Latest version allows circling:
 Description: A small and large view of a Soaring Task Map chart.
        Also the application for gathering GPS data and displaying on
        a map where the GPS receiver is lcoated is available.
 Updated: 04/26/2005
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Alex Caldwell)

 What: Eagle
 Description: Python/Tk application that interactis with a set of Python
        classes implementing the NMEA protocol and Lowrance/Eagle protocol -
        used in some of the Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware.
 Updated: 12/1999
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Gene Cash)