1) The robot in the movie: The Day the Earth Stood Still. Prevented from destroying the Earth by Helen's timely utterance of the most important phrase of that movie:

   Klatu Barada Niktoo

See: http://imdb.com/title/tt0043456/

Larry Smith I've sometimes speculated exactly what this line means. I think something along the lines of "Gort, Klaatu is dead" which might be a signal for Gort to track down Klaatu's body for reanimation and debriefing. Klaatu probably feared the robot's default programming, probably something like "Well, they kacked the ambassador. Time to turn the planet into a thin radioactive haze. Ah, there we go. Problem solved."

Stu 2007-10-06 No, it's:

 Klaatu Barada Nikto


2) The name of Hypnotoad's biggest and most important killer application to come: the thinking machine. Not just "I think therefore I am" crap. REALLY think. Like HAL9000, or Mycroft Holmes (See [L1 ] and [L2 ] and look down for "Mike").

GORT is being architected from the outset to make use of the upcoming parallel processing tools that are penciled in for Tcl 9.0. The ultimate goal of GORT is to develop an AI that is capable of conducting a person's day to day business on the web, automatically. GORT would also be capable of assembling the trickle of ideas that come from humans into forms that turn into a stream of creativity.

GORT would also be designed to integrate data from multiple sources to assemble novel representations of data. Essentially, make real some of the outlandish tasks computers were asked to perform in Star Trek. (Specific examples to come.)

The architecture will employ Marvin Minsky's scheme of "A society of Mind." Tasks, thoughts, ideas, etc will be broken into a myriad of "Agencies", represented in GORT by objects. The objects communicate to digest problems and assemble solutions a bite at a time.

Zarutian 7. october 2007: Each "Agency" an object or just each humuculus-like agent?