HOMA-IR Approximates Average Blood Insulin Resistance in Console Example Demo for TCL

HOMA-IR Approximates Average Blood Insulin Resistance in Console Example Demo for TCL

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gold 1sep2021 Here are some calculations for converting HOMA-IR measurement from average blood glucose mg/dl over a 3 month period. Table is in US Units for Blood Glucose etc. Console program outputs data as table in TCL table format and comma delimited spreadsheet.


Here are TCL calculations on the equation converting HOMO-IR from Fasting Blood Glucose mg/dl and insulin measures. HOMA-IR standing for Homeostatic Model Assessment of Insulin Resistance is an indirect measurement that tells you and your doctor how much insulin your pancreas needs to make to control your blood sugar levels and evaluate pancreas/liver functions. The formula is HOMA_IR = expr { $insulin * $glucose * $scale_factor} . $scale_factor is (1/405.). Example calculation as HOMA_IR = expr { $insulin * $glucose * $scale_factor }, expr { 4 * 100 * $scale_factor }, rounds to 1.0 . Console program example demo was written on Windows 10, working under TCL version 8.6 Table is in US Units for Blood Glucose etc. As a peg point, 5 HbA1c units converts to 100 mg/dl abbreviation for milligrams per deciliter. Note. This Diabetes Care field is rapidly changing, one needs to check in at ADA professional.diabetes.org and pubmed search < HOMO-IR > for the latest up to date info.

European SI units as best understood. The HOMA-IR calculations here requires U.S. standard units.

To convert component terms ( $insulin & $glucose) from international S.I. units:
Insulin: pmol/L to uIU/mL, divide by (÷) 6
Glucose: mmol/L to mg/dL, multiply by (x) 18


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David R. Matthews, MD is a Professor of Diabetic Medicine at the University of Oxford. He is the Deputy co-ordinator and member of the Executive and Policy Advisory Committees of the UK Prospective Study of Diabetes (UKPDS). David R. Matthews, MD is currently investigating the inter-relationships between insulin resistance and beta cell function, and the effects of a low carbohydrate diet in people with and without type 2 diabetes at Churchill Hospital with the Center of Diabetes, in the United Kingdom.

ADA Quotes. Therefore, to change glucose from mg/dL to mmol/L, one divides by 18.016 (usually rounded off to 18), and values are multiplied by 18 to switch from mmol/L to mg/dL. For example, 126 mg/dL is equivalent to 7.0 mmol/L, and 40 mg/dL is 2.2 mmol/L.

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ADA Quotes. Developing an HbA1c-Based Equation to Estimate Blood Glucose in Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients,2013. Some equations showing a good correlation between HbA1c and average BG (AG) levels.The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial DCCT formula is Average Blood Glucose = expr { 35.6 * HbA1c − 77.3} < in milligrams per deciliter>.

table 1 printed inTCL format
homa_IR_2 units insulin units glucose units comment, if any
0.81500 3.3000 100.
0.84000 3.4000 100.
0.86400 3.5000 100.
0.88900 3.6000 100.
0.91400 3.7000 100.
0.93800 3.8000 100.
0.96300 3.9000 100.
0.98800 4.0000 100. answer for testcase 1
1.0120 4.1000 100.
1.0370 4.2000 100.

Appendix TCL programs and scripts *

Pretty Print Version

        # pretty print from autoindent and ased editor
        # Convert homa_IR_2 from Average Blood Glucose mg/dl V2
        # Console program example demo
        # written on Windows 10 on  TCL
        # working under TCL version 8.6
        # gold on TCL Club , 30aug2021
        # Each homa_IR_2 reading usually from
        # limits of 0.4 to 11
        # Roughly 5 HbA1c converts to 100
        # mg/dl abbrev. for milligrams per deciliter
        # mmol/L abbrev. for milligrams per Liter
        package require Tk
        package require math::numtheory
        package require math::constants
        package require math::trig
        package require math
        namespace path {::tcl::mathop ::tcl::mathfunc math::numtheory math::trig math::constants }
        set tclprecision 17
        console show
        # following dresses up console output to easy eye
        console eval {.console config -bg palegreen}
        console eval {.console config -font {fixed 20 bold}}
        console eval {wm geometry . 40x20}
        set tclprecision 17
        # conversion unit formulas in procs
        # HOMA_IR = expr { $insulin * $glucose * $scale_factor}
        proc HOMA_IR2 { insulin  glucose }  {
            set scale_factor [ expr { 1. / 405. } ]
            return [expr { $insulin * $glucose * $scale_factor}]}
        # hbA1c_convert_to_average_blood_glucose mg/dl  HbA1c
        proc a1c hbA1c {  expr { 35.6*$hbA1c -77.3} }
        # convert mg/dl to mmol/L average blood glucose
        # some papers round off 18.016 to mgdl/18.
        proc mgdl_to_mmoll mgdl {  expr { $mgdl/18.0 } }
        # convert  mmol/L to mg/dl average blood glucose
        proc mmoll_to_mgdl mmoll {  expr { $mmoll*18.0 } }
        # proc precisionx used to round off floating point numbers
        proc precisionx {precision float}  {
            #  tcl:wiki:Floating-point formatting, <AM>
            # select numbers only, not used on every number.
            set x [ expr {round( 10 ** $precision * $float) / (10.0 ** $precision)} ]
            #  rounded or clipped to nearest 5ird significant figure
            set x [ format "%#.5g" $x ]
            return $x
        proc table_format_out  n {
            set sum 0
            # initial  level
            set count 0.0
            set glucose 100.
            puts "%| table|  | printed in|TCL format |% "
            puts "%| homa_IR_2 units | insulin units |glucose units  |comment, if any|% "
            # adapted proc from <RS>
            # printout in TCL WIKI format table
            for { set i 1 } { $i <= $n } { incr i } {
                set count [+ $count .1]
                set insulin $count
                set homa_IR_2 [ HOMA_IR2 $insulin $glucose  ]
                set insulin [ precisionx 3 $insulin ]
                set glocose [ precisionx 3 $glucose ]
                puts "&| [ precisionx 3  $homa_IR_2  ] |  $insulin  | $glucose | |&"
                incr sum $i
            return $sum
        table_format_out 90               

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