Hack the Wiki Style to Your Liking

LES on Nov-12-2007: I don't want to seem rude or ungrateful, but I don't like "the new look" at all. I think that menu takes up too much space and, actually, I loathe Javascript. I missed the old look. So I did what I could to restore the old look and, while at it, changed it a little. I decided to share my solution. Even if you don't like it, you can hack it. Except that, of course, if you want to hack the CSS that is hosted in my site [L1 ], you will have to host it yourself elsewhere. First of all, you need to install and configure Privoxy [L2 ]. You'll also have to tweak your browser so that it uses Privoxy. That step is included in Privoxy's documentation. Then download these two files: [L3 ] and [L4 ]. Copy the contents of my user.action file to the end (append) of yours and the contents of my default.filter file to the end (append) of yours. That's all. There is no need to reboot your machine or restart Privoxy. Just refresh the pages in your browser. Please note that I made that for Firefox on Linux. I also tested it on Konqueror. I have no idea what my CSS will look like in IE.

This is not a bug report, suggestion or feature request. It's a completely independent solution that anyone can use now without the approval of any Web designer or team and will not interfere with anybody else's experience. It's completely private.

Please note that there is a "Hide menu" at the bottom of each Wiki page (for those who think the menu takes up too much space) and if Javascript isn't enabled then you don't see the menu at all.