Hemang Lavana

See http://www.cbl.ncsu.edu/publications/#1995-TR@CBL-03 for a paper on REUBEN, a reusable environment driven by benchmakring applications, by K. Kozminski, B. Duewer, H. Lavana, A. Khetawat, and F. Brglez.

What: gui recording and playback package
Where: From the contact
Description: Tk based GUI record and playback package based on the event
Updated: 12/1999
Contact: <URL: mailto:[email protected]  > (Hemang Lavana)

What: RecordnPlayTclTk
Where: http://www.cbl.ncsu.edu/%7Elavana/RecordnPlayTclTk-1.01b.zip  
Description: Tcl/Tk script to record and then play back events to drive a script

Updated: 11/2001
Contact: mailto:[email protected]  
What: WebWiseTclTk
Where: http://www.cbl.ncsu.edu/software/WebWiseTclTk  >
       http://www.cbl.ncsu.edu/publications/#1998-TR@CBL-02-Lavana  >
       http://www.cbl.ncsu.edu/publications/#1998-TR@CBL-03-Lavana  >
Description: Enhancement to Safe Tcl and Tk without compromise to security.
       Redefines the auto_load mechanism so that it can find packages
       anywhere on the WWW.  It also introduces a richer Tk feature set.
       Written entirely in Safe Tcl/Tk and uses the home policy.
Updated: 11/1998
Contact: mailto:[email protected]