High level widgets

I suggest that we only provide widgets for the example scripts. What do you mean only provide widgets for the example scripts?

These are the widgets distributed with the program - VL 6 mar 2003

Yes, I understand that. So The Tclkit shell (that's a mouthful) is going to come with examples, and those examples will have custom widgets written for them. And only these custom widgets will be provided?

Not quite, the UIE toolbox (that includes the UIE shell, formerly named TClkit shell) will include high-level widgets that are used in its GUI-builder module. You can, however, if you wish, use any widget included in Tclkit or kitten and either use them as normal Tcl/Tk widgets, or "import" them into the GUI builder to be used there. - VL 13 may 2003.

Where can I get the gui builder? Thanks, ro.

It is still work in progress, and due to my work it will be some weeks yet. Its home at the moment is [L1 ]. It might move but there will be links there when it does. I'll post announce when there is something to actually download. - VL 4 june 2003.

ro: Thank you. I look forward to your announcement.