ABU 15-mar-2021 - New download available

Highlighter is a small and quick app for highlighting text on PDF documents.

Highlighter is a demo app for the new, completely rewritten tclMuPdf and MuPdfWidget packages.

Image Highlighter-WinImage Highlighter-Linux


Highlighter requires the new tclMuPDF 2.0 package. Choose the one for your platform and install the package as a subdirectory of one of the directories given by the auto_path variable (e.g. c:\tcl\lib)

  • [L1 ] tclMuPDF 2.0 for Windows x64
  • [L2 ] tclMuPDF 2.0 for Linux x64
  • [L3 ] tclMuPDF 2.0 for MacOS

Then download the Highligther app. Unzip it and install it under any directory.

  • [L4 ] Highligther 1.0.1

How to use it

Double click on .../Highlighter-1.0.1/main.tcl or launch it from a shell

wish ..../Highlighter-1.0.1/main.tcl 


wish .../Highlighter-1.0/main.tcl  mydoc.pdf