A mechanism for exploiting "HotKey" functionality under Windows, whereby pressing a key triggers something regardless of current focus....

This link [L1 ], takes you to the google archive of a discussion about Windows Hotkeys where David Gravereaux admitted the existance of a package he had written to expose the Win32API that lets you bind them...

This link [L2 ], takes you to a colorised (but out of date) copy of the main source file, while this link [L3 ], takes you to the HEAD copy of the main source file.

Finally, this link takes you to a download of WinUtils0.6 (A lot of the checkin comments talk about "towards a 0.8 release, so I don't know what happened to 0.7) [L4 ].

Note that the release of HotKeys in 0.6 has an ITCL dependency whereas the latest code appears not to have.

Dan Smart says This was not the most informative page in the world... So I've updated it, but it is probably only marginally more informative now...

Previously it read (in its entirety): [1], especially [2] ([3]).

TWAPI provides documented [L5 ] hot key support for Windows (NT 4 and later). See example at [L6 ].

Also a plugin for Eagle that helps manage global hot-keys on Windows, see [L7 ] and [L8 ].