How do I use a .kit file?

You have experience with Tcl--certainly you're beyond the "When all you want is to run a Tk application" level. Someone hands you a .kit file (a.k.a. a starkit); what do you do with it?

Experienced Tcl'ers know to run it against Tclkit, that is, invoke

    tclkit some_application.kit

As Tclkit is an important idea, perhaps you'll want to learn it, or at least enough about it to download the executable [L1 ] and launch the application that interests you. If not, perhaps you can find someone with more experience to "unpack" some_application.kit for you and forward the *.tcl sources (and perhaps other texts and binaries) it packages. At this level, you see, Tclkit is a way to wrap up an application into a single file; it can equally easily be unwrapped into pieces that might be more comprehensible to a newcomer to Tclkit.

On Windows, just drag the .kit on top of tclkit.exe to run (or just double-click the .kit if things are set up correctly to open with tclkit.exe).

Starkits can also be sourced into ActiveTcl's tclsh.