How do you say 'Tcl'


The details of how Tcl is pronounced


The preferred pronunciation is as its individual letters. In the past, the most popular pronunciation was as a homophone for "tickle". The suggested spelling is with an uppercase "T" and "cl".

Ousterhout's original 1990 USENIX paper on Tcl specified that Tcl was pronounced as the word Tickle, rather than T-C-L.

Tcl certification ,comp.lang.tcl ,2005-07-01

"'Tai4 ku4' (太酷 \u592a\u9177) is an acceptable Mandarin Chinese pronunciation." If you're talking dutch, you can say tikkel.

SYStems: I say tickle, and tickle tee-kay. It a lot faster and easier on the tongue than to say T-C-L, althought on the other hand, I prefer to say S-Q-L as opposed to sequel, from my experience people who say sequel are too microsoftie for my taste, they usually learned the term taking a sequel server course or so.

Anyway if you are talking to someone who hasn't heard of tickle before, you should better spell it to him first and go

You "I like tickle a lot, you know T-C-L, stands for Tool Command Language, it's a scripting language, like perl and python, only it's easier and simpler for what I wanna do, you know building web application, sys-admin tool, and few db front-ends"

Him "Yea sound nice, .... I use Cee Plus Plus"

You "Yea, nice, ... I have to go now, nice talkin to ya"

Cause really, what kind of a programmer haven't heard of tickle, under which rock have he been living, the net been around for what 15 years now. But to be fair, you will find more people who heard of T-C-L but not tickle. Still, I consider them to be part of the less rounded programmers.

It was a good decision to invent tcltest rather than, say, "testtcl". Or, better yet, do not say the latter, at least in English. MM Avoid it in Italian, too.