How to auto calculate IPv6

Hi all, who has available code for auto calculate Ipv6 address. My requirement is generate a new ipv6 which are based on increase by step and IP count.

For example, start IP is 2002::1, step is ::1, count is 10, the result is 2000::10. Many thanks in advance.

DKF: This is really not a great use of the wiki, but it's hard to tell what you want. (IPv6 addresses are in hex.)

for {set i 1} {$i<=16} {incr i} {
    lappend ips [format "2002::%x" $i]
puts [join $ips ", "]

yong - 2014-12-20 15:16:46

<Yong> My description is not accurate, let me explain again, we need a procedure which contain 3 variables, startipv6, increaseTime, increaseStep.

For example, the startipv6 is 2000::1, increaseTime is 200, increaseStep is ::1, the output should be 2000::c8. thanks a lot.

aspect: Perhaps IPv6 Addresses will help you build what you need. As DKF observed, this isn't a great use of the wiki: if the above hint isn't enough to get you going, more interactive help is needed (perhaps a tutor or a coworker? irc?). I vote for this page's removal by 2015-01-20 when it will be a month old.