How to edit Wiki pages in Alphatk

The editor Alphatk can be used to edit Wiki pages directly. The easiest way to do this is actually to browse the Wiki from within Alphatk, like this:

In the 'WWW' menu of Alphatk, select 'View url...', and type the Url of the Wiki into the dialog which appears (or click on 'use foremost browser window' if you happen to have a web browser running with which is already showing the Wiki).

Alphatk will display a text-only rendition of the url you chose to view (like 'lynx'). Now browse the Wiki by the usual clicking on links, etc. When you get to the page you want to edit, simply click on the 'edit' link at the bottom of the page, as usual.

Alphatk opens a new window (in 'Wiki' mode) containing the source markup for the page. Simply edit that as you see fit, using the powerful editing functionality Alphatk provides. When you save the window, Alphatk automatically posts it back to the Wiki using Tcl's built in http support (and it automatically refreshes the rendition of the url if you have it open).