How to make Tcl/Tk work on my computer


A starting page for users who know they want/need Tcl, but do not know where to start.

  1. Easiest way is to get a Tclkit (one single file, about 1 MB) e.g. from . Put it anywhere on your machine. Run it ;-)
  2. Locate and install a binary distribution. You can find a list at the Binary Distributions.
  3. If no binaries available, locate, configure, build, and install from a source distribution Getting Tcl/Tk.
  4. Read wiki pages to learn tcl/tk - see Beginning tcl, as well as Tcl Tutor, [feel free to add more references here]
  5. Starter Tcl discusses some common software that you will probably find helpful in writing or using Tcl.
  6. On PDA or smartphones running Windows/CE, eTcl is a good single-file distribution.